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Hello and welcome to League of Legends Riot Points Generator. We were figuring out for a long time how to get you guys free rp and skins. Last week we finally found a exploit in League of Legends system which finally allowed to connect our tool to league of legends database and gain access to store, which means once you enter your username and region, our tool connects to the store and instantly adds your desired amount of free RP.

I guess you’re wondering now if our League of Legends RP  Generator is safe to use and we can insure you that it is because the tool is connected to the store for quite a while now and there is now way Riot can detect us. The Riot Points come directly from store, which means nothing suspicious looks from your account, besides you bought Riot Points and got some skins with it.

Our community is daily growing, so far 32000+ users are getting free skins and free RP and nobody complained yet, which means we did an amazing job with our League of Legends RP Generator with which you can get free RP and free skins. We have limited the generator to 10000 RP daily because we don’t want any suspicious activity on your accounts, note you are always our first priority when it comes to this project. So if you are looking for League of Legends Free skins, or League of Legends free RP, you are at the right place for sure.

You will need to fill out a short survey because we need support from you guys to cover the expenses of stuff like proxies to keep the tool running without any delays and problems. So far the RP Generator features free RP but if you want anything to be added let us know and we’ll try our best to make your dream a reality. So that’s pretty much it about our tool, please click on the ”Proceed To Next Step” button to proceed further.

After testing our RP Generator, this is the result:



 Our account is still alive after we bought all champions, runes and skins in the store.